2016-17 Budget Calendar

  • 8th: Deadline to adopt the Resolution Authorizing Proposed Preliminary Budget Display and Advertising and Referendum Exception
  • 15th: Deadline to certify Sterling Act Tax Credit
  • 23rd: Deadline to make the Proposed Preliminary Budget available for public inspection on PDE-2028
  • 31st: Deadline to notify residents of Homestead Exclusion
  • 2nd: Deadline to publish the Preliminary Budget and Act 1 Referendum Notice (newspaper and website)
  • 12th: Deadline for the School Board to adopt the Resolution Approving Preliminary Budget and Final Budget Notice
  • 1st: Deadline to submit the Preliminary Budget and proposed tax increase to PDE on PDE-2028
  • 4th: Deadline to publish notice of intent to apply for Referendum Exception
  • 11th: District deadline to file a request for exceptions with PDE
  • 1st: Homestead/Farmstead Application deadline
  • 2nd: PDE deadline for ruling on district's exception requests
  • 1st: County provides Certified Homestead/Farmstead information
  • 1st: PDE provides slot money allocation
  • 10th: Deadline to adopt the Proposed Final Budget.
  • 10th: Deadline to adopt the Direct Tax Collection Tax Collector Appointment Resolution.
  • 25th: Deadline for the district to make the Proposed Final Budget available for public inspection on PDE-2028 form
  • 4th: District deadline to publish Final Budget Notice
  • 14th: Adoption of Final Budget, Annual Tax Levy Resolution, and Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Resolution
  • 30th: Deadline for the district to submit copy of Final Budget to PDE on PDE-2028